Are you in Need of International Driving’s Permit?

An IDP is essential for drivers to drive or rent a car in several foreign countries. International Driving Permit is basically the United Nations Regulated Travel Document for your safety and ease of travel. With our help, you can have IDP in less than 2 hours.


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We Provide Online License Verification

Driving License Issuance Management System also provides the functionality to verify the license online. We offer international driver’s license check at the applicant’s request, The process of online license verification is easy efficient and accepted by most law enforcement around the world.

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What is the validation period for IDPs?

IDPs validity starts from a year and lasts up to 3 years depending on the issuing country and IDP type if you are a U.K. citizen.

How old do I have to be to issue an IDP?

A driver must be 18 years of age to issue an International Driving Permit.

Do I need to use a different address on my IDP?

No, the address shown on your IDP is the address stated in your national driving license.

How long does it take to issue the permit?

It depends on the authority and country issuing the permit, we issue your digital copy in 2 hours and ship your ID Card and Booklet the same Day.

How long does it take to request the permit ?

It takes 5 minutes to fill out the application form. Once the application is filled out and the documents are submitted, the applicant may receive the permit within two hours.

What happens if I dove a car in a foreign country without IDP and stop by the police?

Penalties may apply depending on the country’s transpiration laws. The police may seize the car and arrest the driver in some other cases. Consequences are used depending on the severity of the situation

Can I renew my International Driving Permit upon Expiration?

Your IDP is renewable in all countries. Some countries consider your IDP expired after a year and demand a new application to re-issue another one for you, like India. In contrast, others accept the renewal process like Canada. So, checking what your countries allow and legalize is crucial to be on track.

Which countries require an International Driving Permit?

There are 186 countries now that accept IDP.(link to list)

Can I apply online for an International Driving Permit?

YES Applying for an International Driving Permit is simple online process. 

I have been living away from the U.S. for a while. Can I obtain an IDP?

Any American citizen or resident may request an IDP if they have a valid driving license.

What would I benefit from issuing an IDP before my next road trip?

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that gives essential information from your driver’s license in a few different languages. It is called the International Driving Permit. This document came into being because of several U.N. conventions on road traffic, which led to it (1926, 1949, and 1968). The IDP is an official travel document used in more than 150 countries today. The International Driver’s Permit (IDP) can help when traveling across countries and don’t speak the same language as the people you’re with.

Can someone issue an International Driving Permit on my behalf?

Yes. A person can issue an IDP on someone’s behalf if all the required documents are submitted. 

Should I request an IDP myself or assign n International Licensing agency to do it for me?

Both options are adequate; It might be safer to assign an agency if it’s your first time.

Can I apply for an IDP right before I travel?

At least 10 days before traveling is advisable. Considering all legalizations and the different time frames each country requires.

Does an International Driving Permit (IDP) entail an insurance policy?

IDPs are a mere translation of the applicants existing national driving license. It is a legal document to authorize the driver to drive in foreign lands. It doesn’t act as an insurance policy nor offer any safety advantages.

Can I apply for my International Driving Permit while being overseas?

YES ! You may apply for your licensing overseas if you are far away from home, but you’ll have to consider the delays. Sending papers by mail takes time, and if not pre-planned, you might be tardy and fall back on your schedule.

Essential facts about International Driving Permits

  • For Novice IDP holders, it’s advisable to use International Licensing Agencies to process an International Driving Permit. As they are new into the process, doing so will be a safe hack. It guarantees a smooth process and ensures that all the necessary details are taken care of.

  • An IDP is only needed if you plan to drive outside your home country.

  • 186 countries recognize International Driving Permit.

  • A U.S. Citizen may drive without an IDP in Canada for 90 days. They are permitted to drive in Mexico as well with no time restrictions.

  • France and Spain require no IDP for any citizenship.

  • Some specific states in the U.S (California, Massachusetts, and Arizona) may ask for an international driving permit. It’s wise to check before diving on their roads. Other states do not.

  • Even though a permit is your getaway ticket to drive in a foreign country, it does not guarantee safety. To consider all odds, you will need to double-check all driving laws and regulations for visiting the country.

  • Your IDP is not proof of your driving skill. It’s just a permit. That’s why you need to have the driving license on you and present both to any legal authority.

  • Your IDP is considered proof of Identity if stopped by a foreign authority.

  • Countries are different in languages and culture, but driving rules and habits are also different. For instance, all passengers on foot are only permitted to cross the road on the Zebra crossing in the U.S. In contrast, zebra crossing is not an integral part of the road in some overseas countries- especially third-world ones. So, getting mentally and psychologically ready before choosing to drive in another country might save you from traffic infractions.

  • If you are not a resident in any U.S. state or coming on a visit, you won’t issue an IDP for the legal authorities. Instead, you’ll have to publish your IDP in compliance with your country’s legal rules.

  • Although your IDP is considered proof of Identity, it cannot stand alone as legal documentation for driving. Therefore, you need to present your existing driving license and IDP.